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From the desk of Pastor Jason L. Hendrickson

Welcome! It is my privilege  to greet you on behalf of The Restoration Tabernacle (The Virtual Church). Restoration Tabernacle is a community of believers who are committed to living according to biblical principles, standing firm on and upholding the Word of God, and striving for excellence as we execute Kingdom business in the areas of ministry in which we were called.

By joining the Restoration Tabernacle family, you join us in our journey towards spiritual enrichment and enlightenment. You join a ministry that purposes to meet the spiritual and natural needs of its membership; a ministry devoted to developing your God given gifts; a ministry where the  worship experience comes without restriction, and the spirit of God is given way to move uninhibitedly.

At Restoration Tabernacle, we not only receive you as our newest member, but also as our co-laborer in the gospel. All members are encouraged to lend a helping hand in building our budding ministry. Your contribution is both welcomed and appreciated.

Matthew 7:14 – Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. While we recognize that this journey may not be an easy one, we are reminded that loyalty to ministry, to leadership and to Christ will not only yield lofty earthly benefits, but will secure an even greater reward in eternity. With this in mind, we will continue to move forward, pressing toward the mark of the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

I am honored and humbled that you have entrusted your spiritual life to me, and as your pastor, I vow to provide Godly counsel and the unadulterated , preached Word of God, reserving the truth of the gospel and defending it against all opposition. I vow to set  a Godly example to the church, to shepherd the church, and to pray for the church, both collectively and individually. As your pastor, I am ever available to you and I encourage you to reach out to me whenever you may need to.

Again, welcome to Restoration Tabernacle, a church that is built by the Word, living on the Word and standing for the Word. Remember: God will Renew, God will Revive and God will Restore.


Established in the year of 2012 the month of May.

The vision of Restoration Tabernacle is for it to be a place where people can come and be restored and find holistic ministry. It is a place that will provide spiritual guidance biblical teaching amazing music and most of our community. A church that is built on outreach, remaining relevant in the services that we provide by staying in constant communication with the community where we are planted. The vision of this church is rooted and grounded in the apostolic teaching of the Scriptures teaching the parishioners to make principles drawn from the old and New Testament applicable to the daily lives. It is also the vision of Pastor Jason to create a resource center within restoration that every need both natural and spiritual can be met by those who come to the doors of Restoration Tabernacle. We believe here at Restoration that compassion cures morrison then condemnation and it is a goal to love and to show the love of God to everyone that comes into contact with the ministry that is called Restoration Tabernacle. We still believe that God will renew, that will be five, and God will restore.

I Need Your Mercy (Feat. Karyn Manee WilliamsJason Hendrickson
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